Rowdy Cannon



Rowdy Cannon is a Dual-Stick Adventure Shooter coming soon to iPhone and iPod touch.

Fight your way through enemies with your 360 degree ranged cannon. Dodge and shoot with maximum versatility provided with dual-virtual joysticks. Collect coins and other power-ups to increase your firepower to progress further into the game.

With your coins (called crossX’s) you can purchase more powerful weapons from the shops scattered around the worlds. But be weary, that each special weapon only has a limited ammunition.

Burn through enemies short-range with a flaming cannon.

Or deliver powerful blows with the Radyon Cannon.

There are ton’s of weapons to discover, and by completing certain achievements you can unlock new weapons to use.

Enemies also give you experience points. As you level up your speed, health, and regular cannon increase in strength. Also every certain number of levels you are able to choose special perks, that help you for the rest of the game.

Another aspect of the game is charging your dream power by collecting floating Z’s. When you collect enough of these, you can summon upon powerful dreamt creatures to help you in various ways.

Also as you progress and find unique achievements, you’ll unlock new dream summons to devastate your enemies.

You’ll need as much help as you can get, to defeat the many challenging bosses presented in the game.

The game progresses though 7 stages, but there are 3 different paths you can take.

Depending on your behavior on the first and fifth stage, your future stages will be changed. Discover all the different endings with the different combinations of paths. But the best ending of all will require something far more unique ;-)

Here’s a demonstration of the game in play:

There’s a lot of surprises and great storyline to unfold within Rowdy Cannon. Subscribe for future updates on the development of the game.